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Our History

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Ruperto Rodriguez family has over 20 years delighting consumers with the delicious coffee El Coquí. Their commitment with quality, experience and dedication make El Coquí Coffee a favorite in Puerto Rico and worldwide. El Coquí, its manufactured in Puerto Rico. Begins operations in 1986 by its founders, Mr. Emerito Ruperto Torres and his wife Mrs. Gladys Rodriguez Malavé in Barrio Perchas I of San Sebastián Puerto Rico. This company is currently under the leadership of his sons Mr. Emerito Ruperto Rodriguez, who has over 19 years of experience and the administrator, Mr. Euduviges Ruperto Rodriguez, who is an expert in crops and buying and selling coffee. Besides being one of the farmers with higher production in San Sebastian. Today El Coquí Coffee is available at major supermarket chains and in various hotels. Our coffee also can be found in bakeries, cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and convenience stores throughout the Island of Enchantment. Thanks to its quality, our marketing extends throughout the island. In 26 years of continuous production, El Coquí Coffee, is among the top five coffees of higher sales volume, compared to about forty-five coffee brands on the market of Puerto Rico.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the purchasing, production and distribution of coffee to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, farmers, government and consumers to create the best coffee consumed in Puerto Rico and abroad.

Our Vision

The vision of Torrefacción El Coquí Inc. is producing the best coffee, throughout high standards of quality and dedication. El Coquí Ground coffee is the best choice in terms of price, quality and accessibility of the product. Our success is in consequence of our continued investment in infrastructure, good inventory management, good distribution and offering the best coffee ever.